ESENSHEL is an Accessory Brand based in New York and launched in 2017 by Creative Director and Owner, Rodney Patterson.

Born from a desire to develop accessories missing from the marketplace, Rodney identified a need for original items that would speak to modern urban dwellers. The goal of celebrating personal style through creating iconic headwear for other forward thinking individuals is the driving force of the brand.

Rodney began his career as a Stylist and Visual Director for many leading Fashion companies in New York. Today, he can be found in his Brooklyn studio experimenting with shapes, proportions and sewing techniques. Rodney puts his own spin on classic accessories by pushing outside of the conventional millinery realm and instead offers a fresh, modern take on the genre. With an emphasis on incorporating luxury details from fabric selection to the workmanship involved in custom designs, ESENSHEL has consistently met the expectations of clients both domestically and internationally.